Mrs. Neal-Davis' Special Service (Autism) Class

Hello to all,
  I want to welcome both students and parents to the 2017-2018 school year. I have been a special education teacher for seven years. I completed the Alternative Teacher Education Program at the University of Louisiana at Monroe and recieved a M.A.T. I have a teaching certification in Mild/Moderate special education grades (1-12) . 
My philosophy of teaching is influenced by two key concepts that I hold true in my life.  The first part of my teaching philosophy is that an educator should embody the characteristics of a parent and have the knowledge of an educator. The second concept is extreme self- evaluation.  I believe by jointly utilizing these concepts students can reach many goals and achieve great feats in life.

  I anticipate that this will be a wonderful ,fun, and productive school year for all of us.I look forward to meeting all my new students and their parents. Being that parents are a childs' best advocate, I encourage all parents to contact me with any questions,concerns,or desired information about your childs' progress. I can be reached by calling 318-387-2932 ext 1458. I am also available for conferences Monday through Friday from the hours of 7:30am- 8:00am; 11:00am -11:30 am;and 2:30pm -3:00pm. Have a great school year!!!!

Mrs. Sarah Neal-Davis
phone#318-387-2932 ext 1458
Room # 103

                                  Class Schedule
                   (M-F) 2017-2018 school year


 7:30-8:00- Breakfast

8:00-8-15- Prepare for class

8:15-8:45- Independent work (Math)

8:45- 9:45 -Morning Activity

9:45- 10:00 Restroom and Water break

10:00- 10:45- (Math and ELA)-IEP Centers, SMART BOARD ACTIVITIES (objectives and goals are being worked on)

10:45- 11:35- Lunch

12:00 – 1:00- APE

1:00-200--   Social interaction and independent skills one on one or group- IEP centers, SMART BOARD ACTIVITIES (objectives and goals are being worked on)

2:00- 2:30: Prepare for Home


Breaks/Lunch Para          Break                        Lunch                         2nd Break

Mr. Dorsey

8:45 - 9:00

11:30- 12:00

1:00 -1:15

Ms. Lewis




Mr. Riley




Para /Teacher Duty/ Alternate students (Changes Weekly) 

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