Mrs. Brown's Science

 Teacher  Leader

 Mrs. Xochitl Brown

Hello! My name is Xochitl Brown and I currently teach Physical Science (Honors) and Environmental Science. This is my 15th year at Wossman; however, this is my 18th year as a secondary education teacher. I received both my Bachelor's of Science degree in Biology (Cum Laude) and Alternative Teacher Certification from ULM (4.0). I have a Master's in Educational Leadership from Arkansas State University (4.0/Phi Kappa Phi). In addition, I have obtained plus 30 and have passed the state examination and am a certified educational leader. I am also an active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.

My Teaching Philosophy:

I love the challenges of learning as well as teaching. Each day I strive to model my own love of teaching and learning to my students. As a teacher, I enjoy seeing current student's visible delight when concepts are mastered or hearing the excitement in past students' voices when they have used skills that I taught them that "made a difference" in their post-high school endeavors. I believe as a teacher, it is my responsibility to strive to provide students the groundwork for skills necessary for college and/or career readiness. I believe that a successful education is the result of a student's perseverance, determination, and self-discipline. I also believe "Education is the key that opens the door to success". It is my honor to be a teacher and educate students changing the future one student at a time.

My class schedule is:

7:35-8:33 Environmental Science
8:37-9:31 Environmental Science
9:35-10:28  Physical Science (Honors)
 10:32-11:25 Environmental Science
11:29-12:22  Planning
12:56-1:49 Physical Science (Honors)
1:53-2:47 Physical Science (Honors)

The counselor can schedule a conference with me during my planning period as necessary.

Please feel free to call me at 387.2932 ext. (1427) or to email me using the Contact Me tab.

Wossman High School's Mission:

We are W.I.L.D.C.A.T.S.: Working to Improve Learning and Discipline with Curriculums,Assessments, and Teaching Strategies that are evidence based.