Mrs. Wilkins' Algebra I

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Pam Wilkins

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Even though this is my 26th year of teaching mathematics, it is only my fourth year at Wossman and I am very excited to be working with your children.
I am currently teaching Algebra I and Financial Math.

My schedule is as follows:
1st period (7:35 - 8:33) - Financial math
2nd period (8:37 - 9:31) - planning
3rd period ( 9:35 - 10:28) - Algebra I Pre-AP
4th period (10:32 - 11:25) - Integrated Math II
5th period (11:59 - 12:52) - Algebra I
6th period (12:56 - 1:49) - Algebra I
7th period (1:53 - 2:45) - Algebra I

If you would like to discuss your student's progress or have any concerns, please contact me during my planning period at 387-2932, ext. 1471 or you may e-mail me at

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