Ms. Mosi Jackson-English I, Sr. Apps & Speech I

Welcome to My Online Page!

I am Mosi Jackson and I have the distinct honor of being your English I or English I Pre AP instructor this school year. 

English I provides an academic atmosphere that expands students’ reading and writing experiences, building a foundation for their high school and post- secondary academic careers. The course will allow students to improve their reading, writing, and communication skills through various effective strategies found in the common instructional framework including classroom talk, collaborative group work, writing to learn, literacy groups, questioning, and scaffolding. You will encounter various genres of literature and several styles of writing, with a particular common core emphasis placed on nonfiction texts as well as evidence based writing. 

I am very excited about working with you as I believe that the 2017-2018 school year can be your best year 
Mastering each of these skills is essential to you achieving academic success on the LEAP 2025 Exam which will be taken by all 9th grade students in the Spring of 2018.