Mrs. Dilcy Carter - Guidance Counselor

                              Mrs. Dilcy Hunter Carter

                           Junior and Senior Counselor

It has been my pleasure to have served the students of Wossman High School for over 15 years as a guidance counselor.  I have been able to provide students with needed guidance based on my 40 plus years of experience in education.  As a counselor for juniors and seniors,  it is important that I assist students in pareparing for postsecondary education and the world of work. 

The Wossman High School guidance and counseling program is designed to address students' needs in the areas of career planning and exploration, knowledge of self and others, and educational/vocational and career development. There are several activities that the counselors use to help students with their needs. Some of the activities include: Individual counseling, credit checks, ACT, End of Course, and other group tests. The counseling office is also the custodian of all school records past and present. In addition, the counselors are a primary source of information and service for parents, students, teachers, and administrators. The primary goal is to serve our students parents, school, and community as effectively as possible.

I can be reached at (318) 387-2932 Ext. 1407 or email me by using the contact me tab

Wossman High School Mission Statement

We are W.I.L.D.C.A.T.S.:  Working to Improve Learning and Discipline with Curriculums, Assessments, and Teaching Strategies that are evidence-based.